Public Affairs

Major Private Investments

The investment management sector faces an unprecedented regulatory change. In addition to this investors have to confront with the complexity of investment rules, procedures and administrative structures for the implementation of their projects.

We are uniquely placed to address these challenges for investment management. We advise on business establishment, licensing, tax and transactional issues.

Greece, as a country receiving significant economic aid from the EU Structural Funds, with a view to narrowing the development disparities among other Member States, offers a series of funding tools for the realization of investment plans. We consolidate unique experience on issues related to investment aid schemes, such as aid granted on the basis of the Investment Incentives Law. The process for a private investment to be qualified as eligible for a grant is highly complicated. We provide unparalleled legal guidance by carrying out the appropriate due diligence in order to assure the eligibility of our clients investment projects.

In order to accelerate the licensing procedures for investments deemed strategic to the Greek economy the Fast Track Law has been recently enacted. The Fast Track is an ‘extraordinary’ mechanism to foster strategic investments. Our profound understanding of the commercial realities and of the modus operandi of the public authorities can contribute significantly to the application of the set of investment rules and procedures of Fast Track Law and the implementation of strategic investments in Greece.