Working with us

In MICHAILOPOULOS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm, we believe that a workforce diverse in background, life experience and cultural perspective is worth fostering. Each and every one of us is capable to draw from his uniqueness and contribute in his own special way to the solution of a problem or a case.

That is the reason why our law firm is open to diversity and will give every individual an equal opportunity to succeed. We are committed to creating a fair and equitable working environment for all indiscriminately. At MICHAILOPOULOS & ASSOCIATES we have an equal ratio of male and female lawyers and staff, we have excluded nepotism, as there is no kinship between any member of our team, and we encourage the diversity in the political beliefs of our members.

Diversity is of paramount importance to our firm, as we believe that strength lies in differences, in the plethora of ideas and perspectives that can highlight the various aspects of a matter and lead to the best possible results. Consequently, we encourage and respect the expression of our associates’ uniqueness. We make sure that everyone has a voice and that each voice is given its fair weight and is considered of value. Embracing diversity and fostering inclusiveness gives us the opportunity to create a team that is unique and unified in its enthusiasm to practice the law and to provide high quality services to our clients. Embracing diversity for us at MICHAILOPOULOS & ASSOCIATES is a matter of principle that incarnates the Heraclitus basic cosmic doctrine, the harmony of opposites, which is also the basic principle of dialectical method and, thus, of democracy.

Would you like to join us?

We recruit throughout the year qualified lawyers and trainees that have the enthusiasm and drive to excel in a challenging, friendly and rewarding environment.

You are welcome to send your CV and a cover letter explaining why you want to join us at .

Current Vacancies

Senior Associate

We are looking for a Senior Associate to join our team. You will be dealing with public law issues, including public procurement and legal matters related to the execution of co-financed projects. You will be working with a group of lawyers of various levels of experience.

New Lawyer

Our law firm is looking for a new Lawyer to work in the field of Public Law. Required qualifications: Experience in Public Law of at least 3 years, ability to write pleadings, excellent knowledge of English. Possession of a master’s degree and specialization in Public Contracts and/or Co-financed programs would be considered.