MICHAILOPOULOS & ASSOCIATES successfully advised H.O.C.RE.D. on competitive lease bidding for cafeterias/restaurants leases in archaeological sites, museums and monuments allover Greece

MICHAILOPOULOS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm has successfully advised the Hellenic Organization of Cultural Resources Development (H.O.C.RE.D.) upon a pivotal project regarding the lease and
exploitation of 95 Cafeterias/Restaurants
within museums and archaeological sites all over Greece.

In this respect we have effectively undertaken the design of the tender for the lease, have addressed the objections raised during the competition and have assisted H.O.C.RE.D. till the stage of the
contracts signature.

This call for tenders, conducted in accordance with Presidential Decree 715/1979, was unprecedented, given the fact that a great number of cafeterias and restaurants that serve almost the entire
of museums and archaeological sites that operate in Greece and are managed by H.O.C.RE.D, were leased through a single lease contract procedure. According to the incumbent rulings it has been hold that it is legitimate to conduct the lease of 95 premises through a single procedure, subdivided in 3 lots, in view of the fact that this process achieves economies of scale and safeguards a uniform and of high-standards quality operation of the relevant facilities, regardless of their visitation rates or sizes.

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