Council of State Decision Nr.444/2022 issued

The Decision Nr 444/2022 was recently issued by the plenary (seven-member) composition of the Sixth Division of the Council of State.

This decision is, in many respects, pivotal for the interpretation and application of the procedural system established by Law 4412/2016 for the provision of lawful protection during the stage of concluding public contracts, as amended by the provisions of Law 4782/2021.

Our law firm undertook the representation of the National Central Health Procurement Agency (E.K.A.P.Y.) in the specific dispute that arose during the framework agreement process for the supply of pharmaceuticals, with an estimated value exceeding 83 million euros. The Managing Partner, Mr. Grigoris Michailopoulos, represented successfully E.K.A.P.Y. during the oral hearing procedure.

To find out about the crucial issues at stake you may read the attached document.

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