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Tax Law

Tax efficiency is an important concern at all stages of a business life cycle. Especially nowadays, in the wake of the legislative and regulatory framework overhaul and the intensification of the tax authorities' role, issues of tax structuring and compliance have become even more crucial.

Our work includes:

  • advice on tax aspects of a wide spectrum of corporate and commercial transactions;
  • tax planning and tax structuring services and
  • administrative resolution and litigation services on tax disputes.

Our legal team is assisted by tax consultants with vast experience and valuable insight from the Public Fiscal Services.
Amid the changes that have recently come into effect, a string of measures has been also introduced, aiming at the speeding up of the tax disputes settlement. The  'Internal Review Agency of the Ministry of Finances' at the General Secretariat of Public Revenue is an administrative body empowered to annul or modify an administrative act, imposing additional taxes, fines or penalties at a considerable faster time-scale compared to the time needed before the administrative courts.

The reach of an out-of-court settlement at the abovementioned bodies, in order to cut short the current time-consuming judicial process, is an option that we examine thoroughly when advising our clients upon the handling of each case.

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