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EU Law

Internal Market and Regulatory

The practical impact of Internal Market Law and EU Regulatory is significant, since it applies to in the entire European Economic Area - namely to thirty European countries - and forms the basic pillar of the national legal order in a multitude of legal areas.

We advise on and handle infringement procedures at the European Commission related to:

· the free movement of goods,

· the free movement of services,

· the freedom of establishment and

· the free movement of capital.

We offer also specialized services in relation to the practical application of the Services Directive (123/2006/EC). Due to the overregulation, which is present in most business sectors, many administrative requirements, still in force, constitute severe obstacles and deprive businesses and consumers from benefiting of the opportunities that a genuine Internal Market may offer.

These requirements that often restrict the freedom of establishment for many EU services' providers and the free movement of services can be found to be incompatible with the incumbent rules.

We can effectively assist our clients in order to overcome the above barriers and benefit more easily from the fundamental freedoms guaranteed in the EU Treaties.

In addition to the Internal Market expertise we offer specialized legal advice on various aspects of the EU regulatory fields, such as environmental law, consumer protection issues, data protection law, product safety, standards and CE marking, agricultural and food law and chemicals.

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